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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Tel Aviv, Israel
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Why you are in business
to maximize benefit rather than maximize profit

Meet the mission

Clearly defining your mission, using a theory of change to help determine your direction, and developing metrics to measure your progress.
What your business offers
is a product or service that creates a better world

Depth of impact

Your product of service helps people and/or the planet thrive, often through the introduction of a new innovation.

Scale of Impact

Your product of service is designed to scale to larger regions, often through industry collaboration, partnerships, open-sourcing, franchising or other models of dissemination that help you expand your positive impact.
How you run your business
creates a positive impact on people and the planet

Exceptional work environment

Environments that are fun, inspiring and an evolutionary leap beyond the beige cubicle.

Empowered employees

Autonomy, servant leadership, generous benefits, constant learning, and hiring based on strengths, shared values and a passion for the mission.

Everyone Wins

Care and concern for customers, suppliers, distributors, investors, and the community.

Earth friendly office

Choosing eco friendly supplies and suppliers and minimizing waste, water and carbon-based energy.

Eco Design

Designing your products, services and manufacturing processes to be carbon-neutral, zero waste, and non-toxic.

Replenish the planet

Using your business as a platform to spread environmental awareness and to support environmental causes
Creation story
The Old “School”

As a kid growing up in the StartUp nation of Israel, Ronen Gafni had a burning desire for business and entrepreneurship; his friends even called him a business geek. So when he finally reached the right age to go to college and pursue his business degree, he was so excited, and never would have guessed that he would drop out within the first year. Being an active player in the StartUp scene, Ronen was frustrated that what was being taught at college had literally nothing to do with real entrepreneurship.

Sitting all day in a classroom learning theory didn’t provide the real life skills, training on creativity, or the entrepreneurial mindset that Ronen knew was critical for success. While new successful startups modeled their businesses around the new Shared Economy, the classrooms were still speaking of old-school concepts on competition, market domination, and profit as the bottom line. Exams prohibited access to the internet and collaboration with others. It was obvious to Ronen that this 1950’s approach was totally irrelevant for the highly connected and collaborative Millennials of today.

A major change in entrepreneurship education was needed, and Ronen was inspired to step up and be a change-agent.

2003 – The Game was Born

After 6 years of trial and error, and enormous creative breakthroughs, Ronen’s dream to offer an alternative approach to entrepreneurship education became a reality. Rather than teach these concepts through a traditional classroom environment, Ronen created a board game where players would not only learn the concepts intellectually but would also experience them as they played together. FreshBiz was born.

The FreshBiz game creates a business simulation where players create Smartnerships, play Action Cards, learn to leverage their strengths, and other principles that help them embody a “For-Benefit” approach to business, where success is when everyone wins. The intention is that playing the game helps people rewire their brain to a mindset that is more collaborative, open, creative and daring, so they not only sharpen their entrepreneurial skills but also experience an approach to business that maximizes benefit for everyone playing rather than just maximizing profit at all cost.


2004 – Going All In

With over a hundred thousand dollars of loans already invested in the development process, and no additional seed money, Ronen hit a major roadblock.  Committed to the cause, and believing relentlessly in the potential impact, Ronen makes the bold move to sell his house to raise the capital needed to produce the first 1,000 games.

2010 – 2013 – Scaling up

After Ronen sold his house to raise the initial funds to turn the game into a business, Ronen was ready to scale and bring his creation to the world. FreshBiz Global was created with Co-Founders / friends, Joshua Weiss and Simcha Gluck, with the mission to take the company global and help people around the world change the way they play life and business. They traveled and played the game in five languages, with tens of thousands of participants from over 20 countries like Spain, India, Russia, and Mexico, recognizing that despite cultural differences people share the same basic beliefs, fears and dreams. FreshBiz was striking a universal cord and helping people expand their potential and possibility.   

2013 – Momentum continues

In 2013, Wiley’s Publishing asks FreshBiz to share their unique concepts through a book. The book—The New Entrepreneurz: Changing the Way You Play Life— was published in 2014, and provides a game-based approach to molding your mind and developing a fresh entrepreneurial mentality that focuses on working smart and on collaborative winning. Advocating not for simple change, but for total transformation, this book supports those interested in running a purpose-driven business that is built on a new paradigm of “success” in business.

2014 – Changing the Game

GameChangers 500 recognizes FreshBiz as one of the world’s top For-Benefit organizations, honouring them not only as a GameChanger in business, but also for supporting other organizations in maximizing benefit rather than just maximizing profit.

Theory of change
A Theory of Change is a method of describing how an organization’s intended impact will be realized; it’s the cause-and-effect logic for how an organization works backwards from its mission to create products, services and other initiatives that create the desired positive impact they intend. A Theory of Change is a common best practice used by Non-profits that is now being widely used by For-profit organizations that define themselves as purpose-first rather than profit-first. The Theory of Change includes metrics the organizations uses to to measure their success and monitor their progress towards creating their intended impact.
Below is a simplified info-graphic of a Theory of Change. To learn more about creating a detailed Theory of Change, click here
Intended impact
the positive impact we intend to create
The New Entrepreneurz
Our goal is to create a community of 1 million New Entrepreneurz by 2017 who demonstrate what the new game of life and business look like.
What Game are You Playing?
Life is a game and our players learn to ask themselves two questions:
1. What game are you playing?
2. What does winning look like?
Our Strategy
to create the impact we intend
  • Game + Great Content = Enhanced Learning Experience
    Combining the freshest content with the ability to practice it through the game, makes everything easily implementable.
  • Universal Teaching Strategy
    ○ We share our game and content through multiple platforms like our board game, digital game, and book, to make it easily available for anyone, anywhere, at any time.
    ○ The multilingual digital game allows people to play FreshBiz and share the experience in their own language with other like-minded entrepreneurs.
  • The FreshBizian Language
    New language development. Since language and ideology go hand-in-hand we help rewire old constructions by laying down a foundation of new concepts and words to help people communicate their goals and intentions.

    SO when you come across someone talking about Win to the Winth Power, Playing their Action Cards, or about Smarketing or Smartnerships you know you are talking to a FreshBizer.
  • Getting the Next Generation Ready
    FreshBiz has already been introduced at top educational institutions such as Harvard, IDC, Israel’s College of Management, MIT, IIT Mumbai, and Pace University to name a few, as a way of practicing what they learn in the classroom.
  • Building a Tribe
    ○ Our FreshBizers community is comprised of our game players, workshop participants and readers of the book.
    ○ The tribe members are entrepreneurial thinkers who continue to play the game outside the game through sharing their unique Action Cards, talents, business opportunities, or even just to meet each other for a cup of coffee when they travel.
  • We Develop Entrepreneurs
    Now that the rising entrepreneurial world demands it, the need for specific Entrepreneur Coaches, not just another life or business coach, is critical. We developed a unique FreshBiz Training Kit to streamline the process of getting leaders trained in the FreshBiz methodology. We believe that by training Entrepreneur Coaches, we can improve the lives of millions of people around the world by giving them the tools to teach entrepreneurial and multi-dimensional thinking within their communities.
Impact Measurement
how we measure our progress towards our intended impact


Participants who experienced a FreshBiz Workshop as of the end of 2013


Countries where FreshBiz currently operates

1 Million

People impacted by 2016 through the board game, digital game, and the book

90 Minutes

Time it takes to play one mindset shifting game

Best practices
  • starrtwithagame-1

It Starts with a Game

Playing a game is not a break from business, it’s an awesome opportunity to work on the business. We start our partners meeting with a game of FreshBiz to get entrepreneurial thinking flowing. When it comes to marketing strategy, finances, partnerships, etc we turn to the FreshBiz game and different…

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  • freshbiz-bp2
  • freshbiz-bp1

Action Cards

Too often in life and especially in business, focus is placed primarily on monetization, and money as a goal. We believe in a much stronger currency that we call Action Cards. This is comprised of talents, strengths, abilities, knowledge, connections, etc. that can be leveraged, traded, and shared to advance…

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  • internpreneurs


Interns reactively wait “in turn” while internpreneurs proactively engage. At FreshBiz we believe in mentoring young leaders and sharing with them our mission and the reasons why we do what we do. This empowers them to take and expand the vision. We love the leverage and working with Millennials who…

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  • winwinth

Win to the Winth Power

Multi-dimensional winning is our philosophy in everything we do and in the smartnerships that we create. We don’t hire employees. We believe in quality collaborations, and continuously attract entrepreneurs who are living and delivering the message of entrepreneurial thinking, to our team. Each country’s Business Centers and Facilitators run their…

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  • The-Influencers-Program-1

The Influencers Program

With a keen eye towards smart partnerships and smart marketing, our goal is to attract a global community of entrepreneurial thinkers. We chose as our smarketing approach to connect with top influencers who take active roles in changing the way people play life, across the spectrum. From self development to…

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  • nooffice

No Officespace

We believe in running a lean business, staying flexible, on the move, and fresh. No paper, no carbon footprint, no office politic, no cubicles, no hierarchy. Just smart online managing solutions and collaborative clouds.

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We don’t believe in giving people jobs, we believe in creating smartnerships that give tremendous value and expand the pie for all players. Each of our team members have unique skills and value. We have projects such as sales and distribution of the games, sales and distribution of the book, creating events and game-based workshops that require time and attention. If you have a cool idea or smartnership to create then please contact us using the form below:


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